The SomersetClive Christmas Pantomime. Act One. Scene Three.

CliveNation in conjunction with SomersetClive is proud to present the Christmas Pantomime, with an all-star cast and seats more comfortable than those at the White Elephant Enclosure, we invite you to join us for an amateur production of the world premiere of The Princess and the Forty Thieves. Showing thrice daily.

Our story opens deep in the heart of Somerset, where the Squire of Teflon rules the sleepy little villages of Smallvillia and Dullford with a rod. Of iron.

The Squire is used to getting his own way and woe-betide anyone who foils his plans for the Squire is not to be crossed.

Act One. Scene Three.
The stage revolves and we are back in Baron McGoat’s Castle. The Squire of Teflon enters the room stage left.

SquireGreetings Baron McGoat. I bring great news! I’ve come about your challenge.

BaronReally Squire? Pray tell me your news. But I must warn you that I have two other contenders for the hand of my Princess.

SquireOh Baron, haven’t we been friends now for a very long time? I beseech you, throw those offers from the other contenders in the bin, for I have here in my hand one single shiny gold coin.

The Baron’s eyes light up as he spies the coin in the Squire’s outstretched hand.

BaronI’ll take it. She’s all yours. Do with her what you will, but I must warn you – there’s a strict No Return policy.

Behind the Baron his henchmen are sniggering loudly.

SquireOh, thank you. Thank you, thank you, my dear Baron. You will have made me the most feted man in Smallvillia and Dullford. The villagers will forever be grateful to me for saving a Princess and bringing her to our villages. They will probably build a golden statue of me and erect it on the village green. I am their saviour and they will throw flowers in my path and shout “There is the Squire. He is a glorious, noble man. We are so lucky to live here. All hail the Squire of Teflon.”

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