New music from Smalltown popstar

Smalltown Superstar Popstar Tailor Stoppem has released a new single this week.

SomersetClive caught up with Tailor for a chat as he took a break from his busy busking schedule to ask him about his new recording.

“Hey man, how’s it goin? Yeah, I’m good thanks. Can you feel the love? Cos that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? The love. And the peace. Can’t forget the peace. Love and peace. I love love and peace.

So my new single. Yeah. It’s a song I’ve had kicking around for a while and it’s taken me some time to come up with a back story for it but I’ve finally done it. Although I’ve had to rewrite some of the verses to fit.

‘Wild Life’ represents a journey. A journey through time. A journey which will reawaken the primeval spirits which inhabit our very souls and harks back to long forgotten times in terms of creation and spirituality.

Parts of the lyric are written in the ancient language of Neanderthalit and the first verse which starts ‘Um om ugh blah om im bum’ sets the focus on calming our inner spirits and lifting the listener to previously forgotten heights of love, peace, tranquility and foraging.

The second verse will see the listener fall deeper into the vast void of vapid vacuousness, allowing the words to wash over them in order to sink into a level of unconscious thinking and breathing. A state of total emptiness, apart from feeling cocooned and surrounded in a deep love. And peace. You may even fall asleep at this point and completely surrender your soul and essential life spirit to a feeling of wishing you could reach the off button.

Originally titled ‘Where’s the Post Office?’ due to the opening line referring to the feeling of being totally lost in new surroundings. Directionless and seeking assistance from strangers to help post a letter. An experience which emulates the crossroads many of us experience as we try to reach out to our loved ones to join together in sharing love and peace and to remind ourselves that time is short and last post is at 5pm.”

‘Wild Life’ is available to download now on most streaming services,

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