Smalltown Missing Person has been busy

Four and a half months can be a long time in politics, with heaps of important decisions to make. SomersetClive caught up with Smalltown and Dullbridge Missing Person, Tim Teepee to take a look at the important decisions he’s had to make in the last few months.

June 7 – “I’m backing Horace. He gave me my job and I think he’s great.”

July 7 – “I won’t join my colleagues in resigning. I have important work to do and I work for Horace.” (Shortly after this Horace Monsoon resigned.)

July 15 – “I’ll be voting for Liz Thrust. She’s been fearless in making the right decisions. A serious Prime Minister for serious times.”

September 7 – “I am delighted that the country now has Liz Thrust as our Prime Minister, she’s exactly the right person to lead us through the challenging times ahead. Even more so because she’s let me keep my job.”

October 6 – “I’m really glad that Liz Thrust has scrapped the only idea she’s come up with. She showed great courage to do a quick U-turn and change everything back to how it was before she became PM.”

October 23 – “I’m backing Sushi Runak. The decision was made for me when Horace withdrew from the leadership contest and Sushi had the support of most of my colleagues. I hope he will take note of how supportive I’ve always been to him and let me keep my job.”

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