All the alcohol

Smalltown will see not one, but two Drink Festivals taking place this week, giving alcohol lovers a staggering choice of drink.

The Witherspoon’s Willow Arms Beer Festival will run until Sunday, with manager Vic Ripe saying “We have a great selection of beers on offer with some of them brewed especially for the Festival. We have 94 different beers on the list, but obviously only four will be available at any one time.”

Meanwhile the 94th Smalltown Cider and Music Festival opens on Friday at the Blitz Social Club and drinkers will be able to enjoy several pints of cider whilst tapping their toes to music. Blitz Manager, Pale Ale, told us “I’ve given your editor some vouchers for free drinks to share around the office, so you will keep to our arrangement of giving us some free publicity, won’t you?”

Unfortunately, our Editor, Mr Clive Saint, Sir, has claimed that the vouchers must have gone “missing in the post” so we are only able to provide a small write-up about the event.

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