Our man in Dullbriansk reports

Attempts by lunatic despot Tsar Teflonski to remove the industrial base of Dullbriansk from the authority of Smallgrad, which has run it for many years, have been ridiculed by the Smallgrad leadership. The Tsar has proposed a referendum that no one will accept as his proposed method of takeover.

When Tsar Teflonski’s previously overwhelming support was overturned by the Smallgrad-based Mikhail Molensky in recent elections, Tsar Teflonski declared that part of the problem was that Dullbriansk wanted to be freed from the chains that bound it to Smallgrad.

He declared that Dullbriansk should be free and to do this he would invade Dullbriansk with hundreds of people, probably from the Peoples Republic of Fridgebyorsk.
However assaults on the town had the opposite effect and Dullbriansk had the audacity not to support the Tsars ideas and his Peoples Illiberal Party was routed. This is believed to be what upset the Tsar in the first place

Since then little has been heard of Tsar Teflonski who has retreated to his bunker with a stock of Kazakhstan Vodka and is refusing to come out.

Commissar Dyllart said that Dullbriansk would always be a part of Smallgrad and Dullbriansk no matter what happened, whether they like it or not and no matter what the Tsar’s proposed referendum said.

Meanwhile Smallgrad forces are rumoured to be approaching the Asdavosstock roundabout as they make spectacular gains and attempt to seize abandoned stocks of beetroot.

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