WEE to host major event?

The Smalltown Culture and Arts Manager (SCAM), Debby Karmary, has revealed that she has submitted a bid to host a major event at the White Elephant Enclosure next year.

“I’m really confident about this bid and I believe it will put the WEE and Smalltown on the world map. We are fortunate that the WEE offers excellent facilities in terms of a stage and seating for 200 people, which is almost exactly what the organisers are looking for.

Our hire charges are very reasonable and I’ve also put together a separate costing sheet to cover renting a sound system, lights and an engineer to operate them.

It was such a pity that the council turned down funding for Founder, Director, CEO and Legend in his own Bedroom, Levi Smeller’s grant application for his Smalltown Pride a Unique New Concept (SPUNC) because that led to a great deal of disappointment in the LGBTQ++ community. I am confident that by supporting this new bid the Council’s full inclusive credentials will be restored.

In anticipation of the bid being successful I have ordered 94,000 tons of glitter which will be liberally spread both inside and outside the WEE. I’ve also contacted the Smalltown Shops (SS) group with a view to their members contributing items for a goodie bag to be given to all attendees. It doesn’t have to be costly – a pencil and paper to jot down the scores, small world flags on sticks, and some ear plugs in case Kazakhstan make it through the knock-out heats.”

SomersetClive asked the SCAM if she was hoping to host next year’s Eurovision Song Contest final at the WEE but she refused to confirm this, telling us “You’ll have to be Making Your Mind Up about that. I’m throwing All Kinds of Everything, Every Way I Can at this bid and it has to be confidential – I don’t want it going Boom Bang-a-Bang at this stage. Let’s just say that I Believe this will be my Waterloo.”

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