We take a trip to Somerset’s premier music venue

Our Editor Clive Saint is entering the staggering stage of his Good Pub Guide now as he lurches into the penultimate hostelry on his pub crawl.

The Jetty

Smalltown’s premier music venue, the Jetty has all the acoustic sympathy of a concrete underpass.

Now sharing space with a fast food shop, the Jetty opens when it feels like it and hosts Saturday night events featuring minor bands playing covers of popular songs and attempting to pass themselves off as the real thing. It should be noted that you can catch a performance for free and by the time you’ve consumed a few alcoholic beverages you really will believe that you are watching Nirvana with Kurt Cobain fronting and not Nervena with Kirk Cocaine.

On Sunday afternoons you may be forgiven for thinking you’ve gone back in time to the 1950’s as scores of Teddy Boys swarm the pub. Don’t worry – you’re not hallucinating due to alcohol poisoning – look closely and you’ll see that most of them are sporting zimmer-frames and attempting to recreate their youth.

Earplugs recommended at all times.

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