Search for oil to start soon

Easton-under-Water’s quest to search for oil at the site of the derelict swimming pool on the seafront is back on after a series of delays.

The search for oil was due to start last week, but a combination of logistical and planning problems has delayed the project and it is now not expected to be ready until September.

Members of both Easton-under-Water Town Council and Northern Borders District Council are said to be extremely frustrated by the delay with anonymous sources saying “We had hoped that, by now, Easton-under-Water would be entirely self-sufficient when it came to meeting our energy needs, especially with the recent increases in electricity and gas. We’d hoped to use the early summer period to experiment with supplying oil to residents, stocking up barrels for the winter. Now we’re going to have to go all out with production from the get go.”

The remaining parts of the oil rig are due to arrive tomorrow, and Smalltown residents will be able to view the structure as it sails past the town on a specially built barge.

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