Thousands crowd hill

The scene at Bream yesterday

Thousands of people were spotted climbing a hill near Smalltown on Sunday, with local resident Arrthur Redd describing the scene as ‘extraordinary’.

Arrthur, who has lived in the village of Bream all his life, told SomersetCliveIt was extraordinary. They were queuing to climb up the hill. In all my years of living here I’ve never seen anything like it.

There must have been at least ten thousand people there, with many of them jostling on the steps to get up. Once they were up they were up, but about an hour later some of them started to come back down again. Several of them made it safely back down and when they were down they were down.

However, quite a few of them only made it halfway, and you could hear them complaining that the steps were too steep. They were neither up nor down.”

It is believed that the crowds were taking part in the annual ‘Point at the Sky Festival’ an event held in Easton-under-Water to coincide with the Summer Solstice, which returned to the town after a three-year absence.

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