Further Squirdle upset

The original version of yesterday’s game

Makers of the popular online Squirdle word game admitted yesterday that they changed the word at the very last minute, confusing some players who had the original game grid and not the new updated version.

“I was rather confused when chatting with my neighbour about the answer because she had a totally different word to me.” said resident Harold (Harry) Balls.

The game makers told SomersetCliveWe originally scheduled yesterday’s game last Thursday, but following the election results at the weekend, we decided to change the grid to reveal a more suitable answer.

However, players who hadn’t refreshed their browser still saw the old original game. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Players of the original grid had to find the word ‘Champ’, but this word was changed Sunday evening and the correct answer was ‘Loser’.

The amended grid

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