To lose one SHAG could be considered unfortunate….

Sinking Ship Smalltown sinking rapidly

Smalltown & Dullbridge (SaD) Town Council has announced the departure of another staff member. This time, the Smalltown Administration Deputy (SAD), Georgia Minion, has handed in her notice.

With the SaD SAD leaving this means that SaD Town Council will be lacking in any staff after the elections. Squire Teflon has a plethora of jobs from which to choose to replace his newspaper round if he is not elected in Smalltown Posh next week.

The departure of the SAD on top of earlier resignations of the SHAG, SHAM and SMUG removes all senior members of staff at the Hayloft Road Palace.

Whilst the SAD might have taken one look at the SHAG replacement candidates and decided that the grass would be greener elsewhere, it is noted that the Annual Audit of SaD Town Council is due. Of course the departures are all coincidence.

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