Keep Fit with Squire Teflon

Squire Teflon and his close-friend, Mistress Bones, have announced their intention to enter the 2022 Smalltown and Dullbridge Decathlon.

Teflon told SomersetCliveDuring our recent security patrols around Smalltown Posh, looking for miscreants who may be considering not voting Illiberal, a number of residents have commented that we are looking slightly ‘flabby’ and therefore we’ve decided to do something about it.

My running partner, and close-friend, Mistress Bones, has drawn up plans for a regular exercise programme which will see us both donning lycra and pounding the streets. This will also make a change from the usual form of exercise we take together.”

The Squire’s close-friend, Mistress Bones, added “As we jog we will be asking people for their views on improvements which they would like to see in the area. We’ve already heard a lot of different concerns and wishes, but would ask residents to keep them coming to help us understand the wishes of all that live in Smalltown Posh. After all, Squire Teflon has only had over 30 years in which to understand and act upon the wishes of his constituents, so it’s only right that he doesn’t have the foggiest idea.”

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