Am I bovvered?

In the event that the Smalltown & Dullbridge (SaD) Town Council elections produce a close result, the spotlight will shine brightly upon the intentions of Dullbridge elected unopposed candidate, Robert Notbothered.

Whilst this time and last time around Robert has been ‘Initforhimself’, his most recent period of office on soon-to-be-abolished Sadgebore Council, was with the illiberal group.

As the wife of the formidable illiberal Jane Voraciously Notbothered, it is likely that Robert will be over promised to by the illiberals to return. No doubt under delivery will follow in the form of five years of subservience to the needs of Squire Teflon and Mistress Bones, unless the residents of Smalltown Posh have other ideas.

Two stumbling blocks remain to Robert’s readmission to the illiberals. The first is his second unopposed election as an ‘Initforhimself’ to nearby North Bluntdrill village council. And the second, is the manner of his departure from the illiberals, which by all accounts was messy.

This is all conjecture until there are some results. In the meantime, Notbothered (R) has an All-New-Yet-Unimproved Somerset Cuonty Council election to fight for Dullbridge. As one of seven candidates he faces an uphill battle. Particularly as his election leaflets have been received by Smalltown Posh residents, who are not eligible to vote for him.

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