Smalltown’s branch of the Really Needy Lifesaving Association (RNLA) are preparing to open their doors to visitors today as they hold their first fund-raising mission of the year.

A spokesanchor said “In the absence of any dramatic sea rescue operations to raise our profile in the area we have had to look at alternative ways to make sure the public know we are here.

We often miss out on public donations as people prefer to give their money to those local upstarts Smalltown Area Ship Hovercraft and Helicopter (SMASHH) so our volunteers have come up with the idea of inviting the public in to see what we could do, if we were ever needed.”

SomersetClive spoke to a representative of SMASHH to hear their opinion on the idea. He told us “The RNLA are just jealous, because we have our premises on Smalltown Promenade, alongside the Coastguard and not hidden at the back of a car park. Besides we were here first and the RNLA only muscled in when they thought there was money to be made. The public are well aware of the role we play locally in stopping visitors and residents getting too close to the sea. Plus, we have better biscuits in the SMASHH station.”

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