The violation of Dullbridge


Ten short weeks ago SomersetClive provided a running commentary of Saul Synn’s sham co-option to Smalltown & Dullbridge (SaD) Town Council.

The vacancy arose in Dullbridge due to the hounding out of freedom fighter Ellen Proves. Synn’s coronation was achieved through illiberal support despite being a candidate noone in Dullbridge would have voted for, had they been given the chance.

It has come as little surprise to SomersetClive that Synn has already bailed on Dullbridge. Instead he is standing in Smalltown South. Whilst this might be where Synn lives, it is a slap in the face to the people of Dullbridge he was selected to represent.

If Synn had honour, he would have stood for election in Dullbridge. But honour is a quality sadly lacking in most local illiberals.

One thought on “The violation of Dullbridge

  1. We’re used to broken promises in Dullbridge.
    It’s not a proper town any more anyway.
    Proper towns have shops and we haven’t got much more than a pathetic Asda, and an Aldi that sell cheap basics, if you can get there before the holiday makers do.
    Oh and building sites, including the one which will join it to West Huntspill.
    We also have the third worst doctors surgery in Somerset owned by a company called Symphony, who coincidentally own the two others worst ones above it. Over 4000 patients per doctor that’s why everybody has to wait so long to be seen.
    Mystic Meg predicts that when they’ve finished turning Dullbridge into one massive housing estate for commuters, and to hell with the people who live here already, the traffic jams will be phenomenal specially when the M5’s closed as it is most days in the summer.

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