Any Questions for the Squire?

Have you ever wanted to ask the questions that residents of Smalltown and Dullbridge never seem to get the answers to?

What’s the truth about the Smalltown Sign that we aren’t allowed to talk about?

How much money will Smalltown and Dullbridge Town Council spend on the White Elephant Enclosure before admitting it’s a failure?

Why have two important staff members quit the Town Council at the same time?

Where’s the ice rink now? Where’s the promised defibrillator?

What happened to the £16K obtained by the Smalltown and Dullbridge Duplicated Events Team (SaDDEST) in the form of grants from the Town Council?

Now is your chance, as tickets are now available for the recording and transmission of the Smalltown Radio show ‘Any Questions for the Squire?’ at the White Elephant Enclosure on May 27th.

The show will be hosted by Smalltown Radio’s ‘Shock Jock’ Keith Owls and will feature a panel made up of Squire Teflon, his close-friend Mistress Bones, Dick Trolley, and Town Mayor Mark Facelift.

Members of the audience will be invited to pose questions to the panel, who will do their best to avoid giving answers.

Questions must be submitted beforehand for approval by the panel, so it is likely that residents still won’t be told the truth.

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