Day tripper visits Chernobyl-By-Sea

Last week saw Prime Minister, Horace Monsoon, take time out from his busy schedule fighting the war in Ukraine to visit Chernobyl-By-Sea C Station to check on progress.

“I’m pleased to say it’s all going jolly well and today has been a great day for me to get under everyone’s feet as I stand around and point at things for the photographers.

I’m confident that I’m securing a bright future for nuclear energy in the UK over the coming decades. Let’s face it, if anything goes wrong then the result will be very bright indeed for a few minutes, at least.”

SomersetClive asked Mr Monsoon how the new station would improve the strain on households, as the cost of energy continues to rise.

“Chernobyl-By-Sea C Station is scheduled to open in 2028 and by then the most vulnerable people in our society will already be dead, because they can’t afford the essentials. That in itself will reduce the strain on energy supplies and the new station will reduce our dependence on buying in energy from overseas.

We are already doing a huge amount to help people with the immediate cost of living and we are going to do more.

We have already stopped central government funding to The Somerset Household Support Fund, which has been administered by Somerset Cuonty Council.”

The fund was designed to provide financial support to vulnerable households which were struggling to afford household essentials this winter, such as help with the cost of food, energy, water bills and other essentials.

Mr Monsoon continued “Obviously now that winter is over no one needs food and water any longer, so it makes sense for us to stop giving the poor the money.”

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