Breaking News – Squire seeks SHAG

Following the resignation of the Smalltown Head Administration Genius (SHAG), Tanya Summer, the position is now open to applicants.

Interested parties are asked to apply to Smalltown and Dullbridge Town Council for the role by April 25th.

The job, which will see the successful applicant working closely with Squire Teflon, is described as ‘challenging’. Candidates will need to demonstrate an ability to strategically work with Squire Teflon to “ensure careful oversight of all aspects of the council’s finances and effective management of resources.”, or in other words, the ability to turn a blind eye to all goings-on behind the closed doors of Hayloft Road Palace.

Interviews will take place on 3rd May, with Squire Teflon expected to announce the results by 4pm on 4th May.

Teflon said “It’s important that I get the right candidate in place BEFORE the elections on 5th May, so that I can choose the best-looking female candidate before anyone else gets a look in on the decision. The last thing I need is input from any newly elected Councillors.”

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