WEE turns a profit

Thanks to the sell-out performances of the Dullbridge Festival of the Arts, held at the White Elephant Enclosure (WEE), the Smalltown Culture and Arts Manager (SCAM) has announced that for the first time ever, the WEE has made money.

The SCAM said “I am absolutely delighted to report that, following the successful Dullbridge Festival of the Arts performances, the WEE has not made a loss, nor broken even, but has actually made a profit!

This is excellent news for everyone involved and shows that the ten year subsidy of the venue, now amounting to almost £1 million, has been worthwhile.”

The WEE, a Smalltown and Dullbridge Town Council enterprise, taken over at the behest of Squire Teflon, has swallowed up vast amounts of residents money and grants to bring entertainment to the few.

Squire Teflon said” “This just goes to show that I was right all along. I knew that if we threw enough tax payers money at this place for as long as possible it would eventually prove to be a highly successful venue. And now my decision to pay an entire 94 pence to purchase the WEE has been vindicated.”

The SCAM has also outlined her plans to build on the success. “We have some amazing entertainment booked for the coming months, including performances by The Bolshie Ballet, The London Philharmonica Orchestra, and a whole summer season featuring Adele, who cancelled her scheduled shows in Las Vegas to come to Smalltown! The WEE is really going to put Smalltown on the world stage.”

* SomersetClive would like to take this opportunity to apologise to readers who may have formed the impression that we have been overly-critical of the WEE and SaDTC’s involvement with the venue. We apologise unreservedly for claiming that the WEE is a drain on Town Council resources, as this news proves that this simply isn’t the case.

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