SaDDEST offer payment

Smalltown and Dullbridge Duplicated Events by Sycophants Team (SaDDEST) are offering a one-off payment of £3.50 to any resident who is willing to give a home to a pair of ice-skates for six months.

With 20,000 pairs of ice-skates needing to be stored for eternity it is hoped that homes can be found for them in the local area.

Mistress Bones (close-friend and fellow conspirator of Squire Teflon) said “After the demise of our World famous and highly successful ice-rink endeavour we were left in the unenviable position of having to hide all the equipment that came with it. We are currently working on plans to build a penguin enclosure on the South Promenade, but we still need to find somewhere to put the skates. If any residents can find it in their hearts to open a cupboard where a pair of skates could find space, we’d be grateful.”

SomersetClive took the opportunity to ask Mistress Bones about the location of the rink itself. She told us “What ice-rink? I’m sorry I haven’t a clue what you’re on about.”

One thought on “SaDDEST offer payment

  1. Excellent Xmas opportunity – novelty knife with ‘boot style’ handle. Carve your turkey while remembering that £94,000 of taxes raised from your community were frittered away on some cold plastic, a tent, and some weird penguins.

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