Popular salon celebrates anniversary

The original tonsure, popularised by Bassoon’s.

A hair salon in Smalltown this week celebrated its 500th year of trading in the town.

Bassoon’s opened in 1522 to cater for the hairstyling requirements of the Order of Trappists monks who had set up a monastery in the town several years earlier.

World-renowned hairdresser to the stars of Smalltown, Vital Bassoon, said “Things were a lot different back then, all a hairdresser needed was a pudding bowl and a pair of scissors. Now it’s all about the product and straighteners.”

“Our original tonsure cut is still very popular with gentlemen of a certain age. I’ve modified it over the years to give the style a modern new look and the current trend is to forego the fringe element. You’ll see plenty of my clients in Smalltown modelling the demi-tonsure. “

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