Squire makes excuses

Squire Teflon has attempted to deflect the blame for the fallout to his recent council candidate spat by claiming that the admins of a local Smalltown and Dullbridge AceCrook group are able to perform miracles.

They edited my post to make me look like a horrible person.” the Squire said. “At no point did I say the things that are attributed to me. I would never stoop so low as to take a swipe at members of the BeFuddled Party, or anyone else for that matter.”

“In my original post replying to Banish Barracuda’s plea for candidates to step forward I wrote ‘I love all the members of the BeFuddled Party. They do a wonderful job in difficult circumstances. All Illiberal Party members of the Town Council do their utmost to make them feel welcome at meetings. We listen to their ideas and opinions, some of which are very good.”

“I don’t know why the admins of that group saw fit to edit my words. I didn’t even realise it was possible.”

SomersetClive conducted an experiment in our own AceCrook group to see if it was possible to edit comments left by readers and we can confirm that Squire Teflon is absolutely correct. It isn’t possible.

5 thoughts on “Squire makes excuses

  1. They certainly don’t.
    They’ve changed all of Squire Teflon’s posts from innocuous statements to rude and obnoxious ones.
    Don’t try to deny it. I have been told by the great man himself that it has happened.
    Everytime he tries to tell people how wonderful Smalltown and Dullbridge are under his leadership everyone in that group ridicules him.

  2. Those members don’t show him the respect he is due for his 34 years of tireless and entirely altruistic public service.

    Oh hang on, yes they DO show him the attitude he deserves.

    1. Is it really only 34 years? Then again, it was all rented TVs and Betamax VCRs back when I first remember the Squire lurking around.

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