The Mayor’s Christmas Message

Smalltown and Dullbridge Town Mayor has published his annual Christmas message to residents today.

In what is widely seen as a break from tradition Cllr Mark Facelift has given what is believed to be the world’s shortest Christmas Mayoral Message.

Previous SaD Mayors have droned on for days about the importance of this special time of year, making full mention of how honoured they are to be Mayor, what a wonderful job they’ve made of it, the great time they’ve had meeting residents and kissing babies, how SaDTC is an amazing organisation and name-checking all the staff, how God loves everyone, how they love everyone, how lucky everyone is to live in Smalltown, what a shame it is that Dullbridge exists and how they hope everyone has a smashing time and makes sure to visit The White Elephant Enclosure at some point in the New Year.

In complete contrast Mayor Facelift said “Happy Christmas.”

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