Smalltown Shops confirm they don’t want shoppers

The Fairground at Red Ruby (Pebblers) non-garden Garden Mall.

There’s been consternation today as the Smalltown Shops (SS) have decided to promote an out of town event at a large competitor shop.

A large fairground has been set up at the out of town Red Ruby (Pebblers) Garden Mall on the A388 headed towards Easton-under-Water and inexplicably the SS is encouraging people to visit it. Red Ruby barely sells any plants and instead sells many goods and products available here in Smalltown.

Commenting the Fat Controller of rival
Smalltown Chamber of Trade (SCOT) told SomersetCliveSCOT spent ages campaigning against Red Ruby’s expansion to help protect Smalltown’s businesses. That good for nothing Lady Brassy doesn’t have a clue. What is their agenda apart from sucking up to Squire Teflon?

(Sucking the Squire? A hideous thought – Ed)

SomersetClive’s spy in the SS LotsCrap Group reports that all is not well following this latest mis-step. With the increasing awareness of the political ambitions of Mistress Bones and her involvement with Squire Teflon, members are starting to wonder whether they are being used for dastardly ulterior motives.

Undoubtedly, the Squire and the Mistress will be visiting the fairground as they like a good ride.

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