Leaflet Launched

Six of the top leisure facilities in Smalltown and Dullbridge have combined forces to launch a new scheme to attract visitors and tourists.

The SaD Six leaflet highlights some of the very best attractions the area has to offer. A spokesperson said “We know that a lot of both visitors and residents in Smalltown and Dullbridge often say there’s nothing to do here, so we’ve produced this leaflet to prove them wrong. There really is plenty to do and see locally.

Forget those out of town outlet centres offering discounted goods – take a walk along Smalltown’s Main Street instead and you’ll find similar goods on offer in any one of the myriad of charity shops.

In Dullbridge take a trip to Jumbley Gardens to see the clock and meet some of the local residents and listen to them hurl abuse. (Open 24/7)

Visit Smalltown Seafront and wonder why it’s a Seafront when there’s no sea. Head towards the unique seafront water feature located at the rear of the Smalltown Office for the Beach (SOB) – and take turns turning the exciting tap on and off to see the water flow.

If you or your children are fascinated by the Construction Industry why not pay a visit to Dullbridge, where you can see bricklayers, plumbers, electricians and glaziers ply their trade on a non-stop basis at either end of the town.

Fancy a night out? There’s plenty to see at the White Elephant Enclosure in Smalltown. Admire the posters for events both past and future and take note of the firmly closed door. There’s nothing for you here.

Dullbridge offers a chance for people to see exactly what happens to their rubbish, as there will be free non-guided tours of the Recycling Centre. Join in with the fun as you try to work out exactly which skip your rubbish should go in.

The leaflet organisers are hopeful that other attractions in Smalltown and Dullbridge will also sign up to the scheme. If there are any other attractions.

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