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Fresh from the confirmation that Smalltown and Dullbridge Town Council has agreed to fund the White Elephant Enclosure at yet a further huge cost, what can residents expect to be able to see at the venue this weekend?

Nothing. Nada. Nowt. Nought. Not A Thing. Diddly Squat. Rows of Empty Seats and an Empty Stage. A Vast Expanse of Nothingness. Total Silence. Locked Doors. Zero. Zilch. Nothing To See Here. Move Along. There’s F-All Happening Here.

So if you’re looking for a night out in Smalltown you may as well head to the Blitz Cinema to watch a film at a very reasonable cost.

Alternatively, why not try one of the local Public Houses, where you can be sure of a warm welcome and possibly some live music. All for the price of a pint.

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