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With absolutely nothing scheduled at the White Elephant Enclosure until the end of January, Smalltown and Dullbridge residents will have to look elsewhere for their entertainment this week.

Blitz Cinema owner, Padraig Irishh, continues to secure the latest film releases and this week sees a variety of screenings aimed at all age groups. Family film ‘I Wish‘ tells the tale of a realistic, sharp-witted idealist who makes a powerful wish – to turn around the fortunes of a local entertainment venue and make it a success. However, first he has to confront a most formidable foe – the ruler of Wees, Queen Cruella, who is hell bent on keeping the entertainment venue at all costs.

Older children may prefer ‘Squireman and the Lost Kingdom’, which sees Squireman try to regain control of his small kingdom and recover his lost chairs.

Adults may prefer the drama of Nadulleon, which details the rise and fall of a dictator. The film follows a dictator’s relentless journey to power through the prism of drinking tea, talking relentlessly about herself and making decisions based on the advice of a friend.

Meanwhile if music more your thing then taking to the stage at the George Hotel on Friday will be local duo Tony Dead and the Interaction. On the same night another duo will be at the South West’s Premier Music Venue, the Old Jetty Inn.

A tribute to a little known 60s band – The Beetles – had been due to appear at the Old Jetty on Saturday, but has cancelled at the last minute.

The Iron Lady will also be hosting a duo on Saturday night. Intoxication are a cover band who play a variety of popular hits, including numbers by Beathoven, Rimski-Korsecant and Doorhandle.

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