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Dictator Dullard and Deputy Dictator Sherry as ‘Whinge and Racket’

At the White Elephant Enclosure this week

Hooray, it’s July and we can look forward to a schedule bursting with excitement at the White Elephant Enclosure (WEE). Or not.

The month kicked off with more workshops for the Boredom Project, the Community event which has used a massive amount of grant funding from various sources to employ actors and crew from outside of the Smalltown and Dullbridge community area. Luckily, these workshops are either being held in the stationery cupboard at the WEE or in a corner of the Porland Community Hall, so only a small number of tickets are available for each, with most of them being snapped up by people from anywhere but Smalltown and Dullbridge.

Moving on to the first proper act at the WEE in July, and we’ve had to wait two weeks for this one, so the WEE Mismanagement Committee will be hoping that it will be a complete sell out and prove to everyone that after a year in charge they finally know what they’re doing.

In a first for Smalltown Dictator Dullard and Deputy Dictator Sherry will be donning their finest clothing and taking to the stage as their drag alter egos ‘Whinge and Racket’ on Friday 14th.

In her guise as Racket, Dictator Dullard will be talking non-stop, with Deputy Dictator Sherry whinging that she can’t get a word in edgeways. It’s sure to be a laugh a minute as the audience are invited to take a sip of tea every time Dictator says the word “I”. Make sure to bring a spare pair of knickers with you, because the toilets at the WEE still haven’t been refurbished!

Just over half the tickets have been sold, which equates to 0.5 percent of the population of Smalltown and Dullbridge, so this looks to be about as popular as any other event at the WEE i.e. Not very popular.

Oh well. Hopefully the new Smalltown Provisional Arts Manager (SPAM1) will have some great ideas to make a success of the venue.

As an alternative to paying to see a drag act at the WEE you could always attend Pride – a Really Unique Diverse Event (PRUDE) in Chateau Gardens later this month where you can see several drag acts for free. Although SomersetClive is unable to guarantee that Dictator Dullard and Deputy Dictator Sherry won’t gate crash the stage.

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