The SomersetClive Valentine’s Day Gift Guide Part One

Love is in the Air and SomersetClive is here to help you. We’ve scoured Smalltown and Dullbridge (and our own cupboard full of merchandise) to bring you some of the best ideas to keep you in your other half’s good books for another year. With plenty of gift ideas for that special person in your life you’re sure to be able to find the perfect gift.

Smalltown and Dullbridge Town Council has a number of gifts available to purchase at the Hayloft Road Retirement Home for Bemused and Bewildered BeFuddled Party ex-Teachers (and Others).

Cllr Robert Apprentice-Candlestick Maker has been hard at work in his Production Technology classes and has produced some candles for that special lady who features prominently in your life. Ideal for showing her how much you appreciate her holding your hand at council meetings.


If tea drinking is your thing then why not consider a personalised tea cup and saucer?


Or perhaps the Smalltown and Dullbridge Town Council Cake Plates are more your thing? Available as a set of six.


For residents who attend Council meetings why not snap up a SaDTC clapperboard. Perfect for trying to bring an end to the endless waffle.


At Mistress Bones’ Tat and Newspaper Emporium there’s a special offer on an exclusive range of snow globes, which are now available at four for the price of four.


Mistress Bones is also offering a free personalised Valentine’s Newspaper Delivery Bag to anyone who signs up to deliver newspapers.


Join as again tomorrow for part two, where we will be opening the SomersetClive Merchandise Cupboard and bringing you even more exclusive gift ideas.

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