SaDTC emergency response described as ‘over-reaction’

Smalltown and Dullbridge Town Council has confirmed that they will be issuing an apology to Master Julian Verne for spoiling his birthday celebrations.

A spokesperson for SaDTC said “We had received reports about an errant balloon which was spotted just off the coast of Smalltown. Phone calls were made to Smalltown Coastguard, the Really Needy Lifesaving Association (RNLA) and Smalltown Area Ship, Hovercraft and Helicopter (SMASHH).

Representatives of all three organisations gathered on Smalltown Promenade to assess the situation. After watching the balloon for several minutes it was decided that it could be deemed a hazard to shipping and members of the Smalltown Royal Navy and the Smalltown Air Force were drafted in to help.

Between us the decision was taken to shoot down the balloon, which was dangerously out of control and heading out to deeper water. Crack shots from the Smalltown Navy and Air Force discharged their weapons and, after several attempts, the balloon was punctured and crash landed in the mud.

SMASHH then flew their hovercraft out to the wreckage and brought it back to the beach, whereupon it was discovered that the balloon bore the markings “Happy 8th Birthday.”

Following the successful outcome of the incident all emergency responders returned to their respective bases to hose down their equipment. A spokesperson for the emergency responders said “This was an example of another successful multi-agency task force response to what could have been a life-threatening situation. We were all happy to help.”

Meanwhile the balloon was traced back to its departure site which was located at 94 Grumbly Gardens in Smalltown, home of the Verne family. Armed police surrounded the property and Mr and Mrs Verne were taken in to custody.

Mrs Verne later said “I can’t believe all this fuss over a helium balloon. I’d purchased several of the things to tie to our garden gate to help people find the party location. One of the balloons broke free and sailed off, I didn’t think anything of it at the time. It would have eventually returned to earth on its own. This seems like a total over reaction by the authorities.

Our son Julian’s 8th birthday party was completely ruined by this heavy handedness from the Town Council. The poor lad has been in tears ever since.”

SaDTC had confirmed that Headmistress and Mayor Cllr Kelsey Dullard will be visiting the family to offer apologies and have a lovely cup of tea, however, Mrs Verne said “Please God, no. Haven’t they done enough damage already?”

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