Up in smoke

Torrential rain and high winds failed to dampen the enthusiasm for the audience at the Smalltown Festival of Bangs and Pops, with crowds lining Smalltown Sea Front to watch their hard-earned Council Tax payments go up in smoke.

Smalltown Deputy Mayor and Cost of Living Champion, Cllr Eugenie Sherry said “It was wonderful to see our residents watching the display. Even though councils up and down the country have stopped funding firework displays due to the Cost of Living Crisis, Smalltown and Dullbridge Town Council consider this a better waste of money than spending money in Dullbridge.

I’d like to thank the company who put on the display for working so hard to ensure we were all able to watch. Anyone would think that we gave them a huge sum of money to do so.”

Smalltown and Dullbridge Mayor Cllr Kelsey Dullard thanked everyone for coming and enjoyed a lovely cup of tea poured from a thermos flask by the Smalltown and Dullbridge Smalltown Administration Deputy (SaDSAD), Eileen Slutton.

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