Desperate search launched

Have you seen this sock?

A desperate search was launched this morning after one of SomersetClive Editor Clive Saint’s socks was reported to have gone missing.

Arriving over an hour late for work today Mr Saint pulled up the legs of his trousers to reveal one sock emblazoned with the word ‘Wednesday’, whilst the other sock clearly displayed the word ‘Friday’.

Mr Saint went on to explain that his early absence was due to his inability to find any matching socks. Speaking exclusively to the gaggle of reporters gathered round his desk he said “I went through my entire sock drawer and there’s not a single pair of matching socks in there. It fact it was empty. Totally devoid of socks apart from a solitary ‘Wednesday’ . Luckily I managed to find a balled-up ‘Friday’, which I wore last Thursday, behind the toilet cistern in the bathroom.

I don’t understand it. When I take them off I always carefully fold them and put them into the laundry basket together. I think someone has abducted my other ‘Wednesday’ sock. They could be holding it hostage. Or it could be aliens.

I want you all to go out and make extensive intensive enquiries. See if you can find anyone else who has lost socks in the last few weeks. This could be the start of a really big story and we really need one of those because it’s August and nothing ever happens in August.”

SomersetClive contacted Mrs Clive Saint for comment, and we will update this story as soon as we hear back from her.

Have you had any socks go missing? Contact SomersetClive now! We don’t pay for your stories.

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