Hurricane Ernie wreaks havoc

Dead shed

Residents in Smalltown and Dullbridge have been reporting damage to fences, trees, sheds and roof tiles as Hurricane Ernie hit the towns earlier today.

Parts of Smalltown have been left with no electrical power, after Hurricane Ernie brought wind speeds of over 194 mph and falling trees damaged power lines in the area

SomersetClive has been inundated with phone calls from residents, complaining that they’ve had no television or internet and have had to talk to other members of their household instead.

Somerset Power told us “Our crew has been doing their best to effect repairs, but some areas are unlikely to see their power return until 9am tomorrow. You should all count yourselves lucky that we are in charge and not any of the local councils. Left to them you wouldn’t be getting your power back until 2029 at the earliest, given the amount of time it takes them to replace a light bulb.”

Some areas in Dullbridge were also reported to be without power, but this was difficult to confirm because few people in Dullbridge can afford electricity in the first place.

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