WEE SCAM’s new tack

The Smalltown Culture and Arts Manager (SCAM) has come up with a new scheme designed to make the White Elephant Enclosure look successful.

Stung by criticism and poor ticket sales the SCAM has come up with what she claims is a “Brilliant idea“.

The SCAM told SomersetCliveTime has shown that it’s really difficult to sell 200 tickets to any event at The White Elephant Enclosure, so I’ve decided to take three-quarters of the seats out. By only offering 50 seats to any performance I hope to be able to use the ‘Sold Out’ stickers which have been festering in the office since Squire Teflon saved the venue in 2011.

“Our next event will be a live screening of ‘War and War’, which is an epic 9.4 hour long performance.”

Set in 1807, in a small Russian seaside town, ‘War and War’ follows the journey of Count Nelsonkhov and his illegitimate son, Pyotr.

Pyotr is socially awkward and finds it hard to fit into society. The Count sends him out into the world to find a job, but Pyotr finds it impossible to find employment in anything other than photocopier servicing, which is not the career the Count had in mind for his favourite son.

After a brief intermission, during which cups of tea will be available to purchase at the bar, we return to the story. Count Nelsonkhov has now passed away and has bestowed ownership of the town on Pyotr. Unfortunately, Pyotr doesn’t have a clue about running a town and wastes money on his pet projects.

At the same time the play also deals with the numerous love affairs that taint Pyotr’s life and lead his friend Prince Andrei Windski to declare “You think I’m immoral? Wait until you see what Pyotr has been up to.”

Limited tickets to the performance are available at £94.00 (no concessions)

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